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Commercial Leasing Group hosts "Sink or Swim - Navigating Commercial Leases in Uncharted Waters" webinar

Feb 24, 2021

Minden Gross LLP’s Commercial Leasing Group hosted a Zoom webinar that addressed how to navigate the commercial lease in our current environment. The webinar took place on Wednesday, February 24, 2021.

Our Group covered pandemic topics such as:

  • CECRA recap
  • CERS
  • Bill 229 - moratorium on commercial evictions in Ontario
  • Rent abatement/Deferral agreements
  • Tenant arguments during a pandemic - force majeure, frustration of contract, and breach of quiet enjoyment
  • Is rent payable during COVID-19?
  • Active screening at indoor malls

And non-pandemic topics such as:

  • Security cameras/privacy at the building
  • Property Leasing Cases (2020): Recent Developments of Importance
  • The aftermath of co-tenancy failure

Plus, a Q&A session.