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Arnie Herschorn quoted in Law Times on informing clients of environmental hazards

Oct 31, 2016

Civil litigator Arnie Herschorn commented on the recent Dobara Properties Limited et al. v. Arnone et al. case, which raised questions concerning of a lawyer's obligation in reporting environmental hazards in "Informing clients of environmental hazards." The article appeared in the October 31, 2016, issue of Law Times.

Informing clients of environmental hazards

Written By Marg Bruineman
October 31, 2016​

A recent case serves as a reminder for lawyers to beware of environmental hazards in any real estate deal, say members of the profession. It also raises the question for some of how far lawyers should go in their reporting obligations when searching titles.

In Dobara Properties Limited et al. v. Arnone et al., a Hanover, Ont. law firm was fined for having missed the limitation period for its clients. At issue was a piece of commercial property Dobra Properties Limited, through its sole shareholder Ezzat F. Gindi, had purchased in Marathon, Ont. in 2005 for $575,000, though he later learned it had once been occupied by​...Read more (subscription required).