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Whitney Abrams posts "Recreational Cannabis in the U.S.A.: Oregon" on Canada Cannabis Legal

Jul 27, 2017

Whitney Abrams provides an update on the recreational cannabis regime in Oregon, including where you can look for additional information.

Recreational Cannabis in the U.S.A.: Oregon

Originally published on Canada Cannabis Legal by Whitney Abrams on July 27, 2017.​

In July of 2015, Oregon became the fourth state in the US to legalize recreational cannabis when Measure 91 came into effect.

Under Oregon law, adults 21 years of age or older are allowed to legally purchase and consume recreational cannabis. A maximum of one ounce of dried cannabis may be purchased at a time. If you are above the legal age, you may keep up to eight ounces of dried cannabis in their homes, and up to one ounce outside of the home.  Non-residents are able to legally purchase and consume so long as they are of age.

Personal cultivation is limited at four plants per household, for those over the age of 21.  As per usual, the plants must be kept out of the view of the public.  Plants may be grown outdoors so long as they are hidden effectively.  The only exception is households within 1,000 feet of schools.  For those households, home-grow is strictly prohibited and could result in significant fines and/or jail time.

Recreational cannabis consumption in a “public place” is illegal in Oregon.  This includes bars, restaurants, and venue spaces that hold licenses to serve and sell alcohol.

Storefront retail licenses are issued by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (the “OLCC”).  All licensed retailers are listed on the OLCC website.  Only OLCC licensed retailers are entitled to sell recreational cannabis.  “Gifting” of recreational cannabis by an individual or a business is not permitted if financial consideration is in the mix.  Financial consideration includes: cover charges, admission, donations, tip jars, raffles, fundraiser events, etc.

Oregon law allows for local counties to regulate recreational cannabis retail.  There is a significant number of counties and cities within Oregon that have banned recreational cannabis facilities.  Despite this, personal possession is governed by the state and is permitted regardless of whether or not stores are banned in a specific region.  If you are curious, the record of cities and counties prohibiting licensed recreational cannabis facilities is available here.

Over the past year, Oregon has been very busy passing additional cannabis bills.  Among these bills includes Senate Bill 1057, Bill 302, and Bill 303. Bill 1057 plays a role in combining Oregon’s medical and recreational cannabis programs.  Both Bill 302 and 303 came into effect in April, which together remove some cannabis-related offenses from the state’s Uniform Controlled Substances Act.  Additionally, House Bill 2198, which is not yet law, will establish the “Oregon Cannabis Commission,” and also impacts radius restrictions related to retail dispensary locations within Oregon.

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