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Want to know what former students at Minden Gross LLP had to say about their experience?

Ladi Onayemi - Associate

2016-2017 Articling Student
Osgoode Hall

My articling experience at Minden Gross was equal parts challenging and enjoyable. I was given the responsibility of completing challenging tasks on a number of files, but I was able to do so under the guidance of great lawyers and with the assistance of our remarkable support staff.

You learn pretty quickly that Minden’s “Open-Door Policy” isn’t just a throwaway line on the firm’s website. Whenever I had questions, law-related or not, I felt comfortable approaching any member of our firm to ask for their opinion or advice. From junior associates to senior partners, the lawyers at Minden Gross are genuinely interested in seeing you develop into a competent and confident lawyer.

Whitney Abrams - Associate

2016-2017 Articling Student
Queen’s University

I can’t imagine that articling gets much better than an experience at Minden Gross.

From the get-go, I was tasked with meaningful and challenging assignments and benefited from the knowledge of top-tier lawyers while doing so. I immediately became part of the team and was consistently made to feel that my contribution to file work in all areas and in firm life was valuable.  

The firm is committed to students’ professional growth. Both Lawyers and management have encouraged me to pursue my interests and have provided the support and practical guidance necessary to build the foundation of a successful lawyer.

Most importantly, I looked forward to coming to the office every day. The people here are truly special and take a genuine interest in getting to know you – partners, associates, staff, and your articling cohort quickly become your friends.  I feel very fortunate to be a part of the Minden Gross family. 

Carrington Hickey - Associate

2015-2016 Articling Student
Queen’s University

Articling at Minden Gross LLP was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. I was given the opportunity to engage in meaningful work, including appearing on ex parte motions, conducting judgment debtor examinations, attending settlement conferences, and preparing motions material. It was a privilege to learn from some of the most talented lawyers in the industry and I am extremely grateful for the support and guidance that they afforded me. 

Ryan Chua - Associate

2013-2014 Articling Student
Osgoode Hall Law School

The best thing about working at Minden Gross is the people that work here. I have worked with and learned from exceptional lawyers at the firm, and have made lifelong friends here as well.

The partners and associates are friendly, team-oriented, and committed to their clients. On any given day, I see partners and associates going in and out of each other's offices brainstorming and asking for advice. There's great camaraderie here, and everyone works as a team. Further, the lawyers here encourage articling students to take on responsibility immediately.

From very early on, I was talking with clients, going to court, and drafting documents. The partners and associates were always available to help with any questions I had. It's amazing how fast I have grown here. Every day at the firm is different and fast paced, and I am always engaged and excited for the next challenge. Although the learning curve is steep, it is deeply fulfilling to look back even just after a few months of starting and realize how much I have learned in such a short period of time.

Ira Stuchberry - Former Associate

2012-2013 Articling Student
University of Windsor

Working at Minden Gross has been a true pleasure. From the very first day I felt welcomed into the Minden Gross family. Here you have the opportunity to work directly with partners and associates and in many situations, you may become the junior on a file.

Throughout my work with Minden Gross I was given the chance to draft documents, participate in client meetings, research interesting topics, write articles and take part in deal closings. In the litigation rotation you are granted the responsibility to manage small claims files on your own and appear in court on a variety of matters.

I feel that my experience working for Minden Gross has offered me excellent insight into what a career as a lawyer entails. The amount of responsibility, variety, and complexity of the files I encountered while working​ at the firm helped prepare me for my career as a lawyer.

Mark Freake - Former Associate

2012-2013 Articling Student
Osgoode Hall Law School

There is often an expectation among law students that articling will be a gruelling, if not overwhelming, experience. Many expect to be overworked and underappreciated. While I cannot speak to the experiences of those at other law firms, I can say without reservation that my articling year at Minden Gross was both meaningful and enjoyable.

In my opinion, what separates Minden Gross from most other law firms is that the lawyers here genuinely enjoy both practicing law and teaching the law to those, like us, who are new to the profession. This holds true from the junior associates to the senior partners.

Whenever I was asked to assist on a file, the supervising lawyer would take the time to sit down and explain what was expected of me and where my work fit into the broader case or transaction. I believe that this culture of teaching and mentorship at Minden Gross counterbalances the steep learning curve of articling and will make you feel like a valued member of the team right from your first day on the job.

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